How Georgina Rodriguez managed to seduce Cristiano Ronaldo – Oh My Goal




37 thoughts on “How Georgina Rodriguez managed to seduce Cristiano Ronaldo – Oh My Goal

  1. LMAO of course she stayed by his side. Because she's a gold digger and wants his money. She did not seduce anyone LMAO this channel is a joke, she needed the money and knew he was a famous footballer and he thought she was attractive and wanted more children so that he did not have to pay for surrogates anymore. It was easy for her to sell herself to Ronaldo as a sales woman lol. All she had to do was look up about his life, found out he had issues with his dad, say she did too. She knew how ambitious he was and used all the information she found to relate to him. Sure they may be in love now but they wouldn't have been at the start.

  2. This is a class act PR spin if I ever saw one! If he's so happy with the one why even bring up Irina's name comparing Georgina to her!!! Talk about all time low integrity and classless taste! She's 21 and will do whatever and allow whatever to be with a 31 year old star. How much hard work can you have achieved and life lived at 21….Please!!! There is no comparison between Irina and Georgina….

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