A Reminder of What Cristiano Ronaldo Could in His PRIME




19 thoughts on “A Reminder of What Cristiano Ronaldo Could in His PRIME

  1. Once he started playing for the stats, he became boring to watch. Madrid used him as a pawn for their rivalry with Barca which was proven with how he parted ways with Madrid.

  2. He has not hit his prime yet. After Portugal defends it's Europe championship he will also win the balon d'or for the 7th time ( he will win it this year). CR7 the best player to ever play the game. 🙂 Messi is not even in the equation any more.

  3. How the hell would be the ICON cards in FIFA with these monsters Haha I'd think 94 just like the game but some guys has 98 like Maradona or Pele so i think they would've 96 at least. But Cristiano would be in the game so dirty, the every year TOTS it's so good, I can't imagine the ICON.

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