22 Year Old MESSI vs CRISTIANO RONALDO ► The Battle




24 thoughts on “22 Year Old MESSI vs CRISTIANO RONALDO ► The Battle

  1. At 22 messi was already a unique passer dribbler and a danger to defense and goalkeepers due to how quick he moved in tight spaces Ronaldo mostly did step overs than passed the ball his step overs were dangerous as well but his speed made him dangerous to defense and lethal striking both players are fantastic but Messi was better at 22

  2. This Ronaldo was something else sorry but u have to admit it..so skillful those dribbles free kicks speed everything.. btw when i see messi's dribbling(the best dribbler ever dont get me wrong) but it seems like those defenders just let him go past him they just fall to the flor or they dont even try to clean the ball it looks weird

  3. This is actually the first time I see a main page of comments all about equal respect and consideration for BOTH Legends!! You guys are BREATHTAKING!!

  4. Hey Guys! Some of you liked these Messi vs Ronaldo age by age comparison videos so I decided to recreate one. I may remake other parts too!

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