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At Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo spent nine seasons playing together. This is enough time for the two footballers to have experienced everything together: victories and defeats, triumphs and failures.

They knew everything about each other, but their relationship was not always perfect. It ended up going stale. Which is why Sergio Ramos didn’t invite Cristiano Ronaldo to his wedding


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43 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos: a love-hate relationship – Oh My Goal

  1. Calling Ronaldo opportunistic is the shittiest thing Ramos ever said, fuck him and fuck all of Real Madrid except Marcelo and Navas

  2. I have loved sergio ramos for years . I have prefered him as my team's captain in fifa and dream league since 2014 over cristiano ronaldo just because he was very good with cr7 and real madrid . But certianly this video have made me think that there are a lot of youngster in market like de ligt , VVD , etc . But i still remember the champions league final when ramos pushed cr7 to take the penalty against ATM when i couldn't see it and just closed my eye with hand and listened to comentetor.

  3. LoL I just a watched a clip from the Spain vs Portugal World Cup match where Ronaldo was up for the penalty and Ramos secretly points to De Gea to dive to his right. De Gea did what Ramos had gestured him to do so but Cr7 shooted the ball to the left and he went on to score a hattrick that day.

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