The Legendary Speed Of Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United




34 thoughts on “The Legendary Speed Of Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United

  1. i think 10 percent of the game lovers love the game because of that type of creativity and talent that guys like you can add to the beauty of the game! congratuilations, you have my recpect and my sub 🙂

  2. I'm not a fan of ronaldo but he deserves credit for staying as fit as he has throughout his career. Also, he was able to evolve his play to account for his slowing speed. Many players only rely on their speed and don't evolve when their physiques do.

  3. As a Liverpool fan it's hard to admit but Ronaldo at United specifically between 06-09 was perhaps the most complete football player we will ever witness.
    Incredible pass accuracy
    Unbelievable ball control
    Revolutionary skill moves
    Could dribble all over the pitch
    The quickest feet in the Premier League
    Could run all game none stop
    Won almost every header
    Jumped higher than any other player
    Off the ball positioning was perhaps the best of all time
    Frightening shot power and accuracy
    Scored more freekicks than he missed
    Could track back
    Whipped in crosses all game long
    And of course he was lightening quick, perhaps the quickest in the world during 06/07.

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