Cristiano Ronaldo Phenomenal Stuff After 32 Years 😮




26 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Phenomenal Stuff After 32 Years 😮

  1. he is one of the most overrated players i have ever seen………..
    i mean even young mbappe is better than this rapist…
    all he does is tap ins and very lucky headers….. he is lucky that he is compared to the great lionel messi
    i think ronaldo should leave football to messi because only messi is the best……..

  2. Посмотреть бы на эти рожы кто лайки просмотров рональдо ставить вот бы им в глаза посмотреть что за уроды.

  3. Hey look at 4:37 if I'm the only one who thinks he look something else like old man utd ronaldo beast just look once or he wearing different type of boots i love this white boots then any other same he wear entire wc 2018 and he look like a beast i don't khow but look unbelievable remember 4:37

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