When Cristiano Ronaldo Exceeds Human Abilities l BEAST Mode ON!




21 thoughts on “When Cristiano Ronaldo Exceeds Human Abilities l BEAST Mode ON!

  1. Dont like his personality, his playstyle and his fucking looks. Cr7 is nowhere better than Zidane, Ronaldinho, Pelé or even Thierry Henry. Deal with it, retarded people. Stop sucking his fucking dick.

  2. The most complete player. Strong foot both, high jump, great header, strong body, not injury prone, great vision, great mentality. The differences between the young ronaldo and the old one is when he's young, he attractive bcs of his dribbling and tricks but not very effective. When he's old, he effective but not attractive and rarely dribbling past through defender. But for 10 years+ dominance w/ messi, he and messi were absolutely GOAT. And they're soon retire.:(

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