Sculptor of Infamous Cristiano Ronaldo Bust Gets Shot At Redemption




35 thoughts on “Sculptor of Infamous Cristiano Ronaldo Bust Gets Shot At Redemption

  1. It’s sad that, having watched him cry at the thought of the hate he received for the last one, people still feel the need to voice their unkind opinions of his brave attempt at redemption ;(. No one wants to hear your opinion.

  2. Bleacher Report thank you for the great short film and Emmanuel Santos I will be highlighting you in my sculpting classes as an artist who perseveres despite the harsh criticism that often accompanies those in creative pursuits. Among the sea of vapid comments given by people who've never experienced criticism on this scale nor sculpted a day in their life I hope this can float to the surface to give you encouragement. Good job and keep sculpting.

  3. The title confused me for a bit. I was like "Jesus Christ, somebody shot this guy over a bad sculpture?" I am happy that my first assumption was wrong though.

  4. How could that original pass final approval without ANY critical comment in private? At want point did the artist himself look at it and say "that's not my best work" and start over?

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